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Enjoy the best of internet with is the top social media bookmarking sites and top social networking sites. You can add URL and bookmarks in this website. To get drive traffic and valuable backlinks.

social media bookmarking sites

social bookmarking service is a centralized online service which enables users to add, edit, and share bookmarks of web pages. This bookmark management system created for social bookmarking and tagging. Tagging is a great feature of social bookmarking site which allow users to organize their bookmarks in flexible ways.

Social bookmarking site does not save the web pages themselves, bookmarks just reference them. Descriptions and tags must be added to the bookmark so anyone can easily understand the content of linked pages. Commenting and voting are also great features in social bookmarking site. All bookmarks are visible for any visitor and they are public submissions. Users also can create group. RSS feed and advance search are also very helpful tool to discover bookmarks. Generally social bookmarking site use topics category to display bookmarks.

bookmarks submission rules

  • don't submit any spam post or bad word bookmarks
  • don't copy and paste any copyright contents
  • don't post too many bookmarks from single site
  • submit right tags for bookmarks
  • write bookmark title minimum 20 characters long
  • write bookmark description minimum 500 characters long

    content filtering

  • site admin reserve the rights to edit or delete any bookmarks
  • site owner are not responsible for any bookmarks submitted by user

    request content delete

  • send me an email to
  • report for copyright violation. we will delete copyright content as soon as possible.
  • report for bad, harmful, spam content.
  • or report violation for specific site owner, just find the who is domain record

    limitation of use

  • site owner reserve the right to limit the use of their site at any time
  • site owner reserve the right to shut down their site at any time
  • site owner reserve the right to sell their site at any time

    spam policies

  • don't submit copyrighted materials (including images, videos or news)
  • don't create fake users, use valid email address for registration
  • don't submit url unrelated title,description and tags
  • don't submit adult or any type of content that is bad and unethical